Company Profile

Versus is a design company based in Denmark, a country world famous for its clean uncompromising aesthetics in both architecture and furniture design.
Versus is strongly rooted in traditional construction techniques and craftsmanship, yet our style has evolved into a niche of its own, interpreting previous design aesthetics and renewing them to fit a modern life style.
Versus cooperates only with world-renowned international architects and designers. Our goal is to make contemporary furniture with a strong identity.


In making high-end quality products, we make sure that our products stand the test of time.

With our products, you won’t require purchasing new furniture after only a few years thereby reducing global waste.

Our products are built to last – for a lasting greener thinking.

All foam qualities used in our production are produced in Denmark and with Eco-Tex label.

Product Philosophy & Quality

Versus holds many years experience in the furniture industry, thereby ensuring our customers can trust our expertise.

Our philosophy is to manufacture only high quality furniture made from first class locally danish produced materials.

We choose only local danish collaborators with long traditions in their respective fields. This is to ensure that ultimately our customers benefit from our combined know-how when acquiring a piece of furniture from Versus.

Handmade & Custom made

Our couches are handmade and custom made to fit the customers’ requests choosing from a variety of high end quality materials like Kvadrat textiles.
Danish produced framework built from Nordic timber and danish produced high end Eco-Tex foams.
All versus upholstery furniture are hand built in our own danish workshop using only local sourced materials.


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Norgesvej 10
DK-8700 Horsens

CVR (VAT no.)
3698 7553


+45 60 16 45 17

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