Loose is a modern lounge sofa - soft and feminine but also with an appealing masculine touch. No redundancy - only exactly what you need in a modern and appealing lounge sofa. A cool looking sofa with great comfort. We wanted to design a sofa series with a loose and "sloppy" look without compromising the quality and durability. The high quality inner workings, built the traditional Scandinavian way, ensures great comfort, durability and a strong identity

Fabric: Steelcut Trio 2 and Remix 2 by Kvadrat.

Peter Barreth has designed and constructed Loose for versus.

Peter Barreth is a Danish furniture & product designer based in Aarhus, Denmark. His work seeks to create honest and considered objects for the home. His designs are based on simple gestures or observations, with an emphasis on craftsmanship, detailing and natural materials to bring the products to life.



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